How do I migrate my website to Greenweb?

There are a few steps you have to consider when moving your website from another hosting provider. Please keep in mind that this process gets a little technical at times, so if you're not sure about how to use any of the items listed in this article, please contact us and we would be happy to help you move your website to Greenweb.

This article assumes you have access to your website's control panel (cPanel, Plesk, etc.) and that you have already setup a new hosting account with Greenweb. 

General Considerations:
  • The process will take time, anywhere between 4 hours to a few days in some cases.
  • Don't wait until the last minute. Give yourself some time to slowly and carefully move your website. 
  • Do not cancel your old hosting account until your website is completely moved. 
  • Make a list of all the items you need to move. 
What do you need to move?
There are a few items that you would have to move from your old hosting to your new Greenweb account. Those items might include but are not limited to:
  • Public HTML folder backup:
    Usually a Zip or gZip file you can download from your control panel or over an FTP connection.
  • Subdomain backup
    Any subfolders that might contain content for your subdomains (if you have any)
  • MySQL databases
    A Zip, gZip or SQL file you can download from your control panel or MySQL administration tool (e.g: PhpMyAdmin)
  • DNS settings and custom zones
    A, C, MX, or TXT records you might have set up with your domain name
  • Subdomain settings
    Any subdomains listed in your website's control panel
  • Email accounts and/or forwarders
    POP3 Email accounts or forwarders listed in your control panel
Make a list of all of the items that apply in your case and make sure you have access to all of them before you begin moving your website. 

Domain Considerations: 
You also need to make sure that you have full access to your domain name, here's the information you need generally:
  • Where is your domain registered?
    A domain registrar company such as GoDaddy or eNom? or directly with your previous hosting provider?
  • Do you have login details for the domain account? 
    Username and password for your domain registrar account, or access your previous hosting account.
  • Do you want to keep the domain where it is or do you want to transfer it to Greenweb?
    If your domain is registered through a domain registrar, you can generally leave it there provided you can change the nameservers of that domain (see next point) 
    Otherwise, if your domain was registered with your previous hosting provider as part of your hosting package, you might want to consider transferring it to your Greenweb account. Especially if you want to cancel your account with that provider. Please contact your old hosting provider on more information about how you can transfer your domain name to another host. 
  • Make sure you can change the nameservers of your domain name
    You will need to change the nameservers on your domain once you're sure the migration is complete. 

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